About Us


Odle, Inc. was established in 1918 by M.P. Odle when he began painting operations out of his home. The company was a one man, local barnstorming operation performing mostly residential and farm painting services. As with most family businesses, M.P. often would utilize the services, willingly or not, of his son Orville. This would prove to be the catalyst for the continued operation of the company.

As such, Orville continued the company after World War II as Odle Painting, Co. The Company maintained some residential painting operations, but also ventured into larger commercial and industrial projects. As we grew and hired more personnel, we also began to utilize newer and better coating and application technologies.


Now, with 90+ years of experience, Odle has looked at, solved, and completed more coating, lining, and flooring projects than you can imagine. Our market-leading performance has been proven through the test of time. With our five primary divisions, we are one of the few, truly complete full-service painting and coatings contractors.


Our on-site applicators, each of whom have completed extensive training and safety programs, are supported by a team of experts. Because each project has different requirements, we apply this training and depth of knowledge to create a reliable solution tailored to your specific needs; AND your support doesn’t end with us! The painting/coating/lining manufacturer we select for your project maintains the highest standards of excellence for all their products and these standards are passed on to you, the customer. Odle, Inc. has sole certified applicator status for many coating manufacturers and we are considered an authorized applicator for all other coating manufacturers.

Our size and capabilities allow us to serve customers throughout the Midwest (Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio and Tennessee). We have, additionally, completed projects in North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, New York, West Virginia, Georgia, Missouri, California and Canada.

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Odle is committed to providing the highest quality solutions from product selection to installation. We stand behind every phase of our work with documented quality and safety programs.

The unequaled experience we bring to every project is just one of many reasons why Odle is the better choice for your painting, coating, and lining needs.