Resinous Flooring

During the past several decades, the protection of concrete floors has gone from essentially nothing to a rather sophisticated process. The primary purpose for installing a resinous flooring system is to provide some added benefit such as aesthetics, wear, chemical resistance, non-skid, ease of maintenance, physical performance, and a myriad of other properties. Therefore, YOU NEED an installation contractor, like ODLE, that has the experience and expertise to assist you in a successful project.

Resinous flooring IS NOT just paint for the floor. Your contractor needs to have the knowledge, skill, and experience in selecting, handling and applying the various 100% solids resins that comprise most systems.

At ODLE, our sales representatives are prepared and positioned to assist you in selecting the flooring system that matches your specific needs. We will evaluate the surfaces to receive the flooring system, consider the performance conditions (chemical exposure, abrasion, impact, thermal shock), as well as the aesthetics, installation parameters, life expectancy, and economics.

Upon the selection of the type and thickness of the flooring system, Odle’s highly trained and experienced installation personnel will complete your project in a timely manner.

AND, it doesn’t matter if your selected flooring system is a thin film, high build, slurry, or overlay; whether it is an epoxy, polyurethane, polyester, vinyl ester, acrylic, or other resin, ODLE’s installation team has the expertise and just plain know-how to get it done.