Water & Wastewater Treatment

Odle has a long, successful history, in the Water & Wastewater Treatment industry, of providing quality coating application services.

With acids, chemicals, abrasion, humidity, elevated temperatures, the unending effects of immersion and ultraviolet exposure, and more, water and wastewater treatment (WWT) facilities have some of the toughest environments anywhere!

That’s why you need Odle, a painting and coatings applicator with unsurpassed experience in the WWT field.

Our on-site applicators have completed extensive training and safety programs, and are supported by expert project managers. Because every WWT facility has distinctly different problems and requirements, we apply our training and depth of knowledge to create a reliable solution.

  • On-site analysis of your specific conditions, substrates, and exposures
  • Section of the appropriate surface preparation procedures and coating systems

Whether it’s the rehabilitation of an existing floating, anaerobic digester lid, the application of NSF approved coatings to an up-flow radial clarifier, or just maintenance painting of your pipe gallery, Odle has what you need to get the job done right.

Wastewater Treatment & Collection Systems

Many cities and municipalities have collection and treatment systems that are quickly deteriorating from increasingly aggressive sewer environments, late stages of design life, and sometimes, poor construction. Therefore, coating and lining rehabilitation programs have been increasingly implemented to address these deteriorating structures.

At ODLE, we have been providing rehabilitation services to underground infrastructures through the use of 100% solids, structural epoxy lining systems. AND we’re not talking about steel; we’re talking about concrete!

Our vast experience in the application of these ultra-high build, environmentally friendly, VOC free, 100% solids coatings has proven valuable in abating infrastructure corrosion problems. These new technology, high performance coatings and linings are setting the new standards for corrosion protection.

Give us a call to discuss your concrete and steel corrosion problems.

Water Treatment & Distribution

100% solids epoxy coating technology is providing very long term solutions in protecting the steel and concrete substrates of water treatment and distribution systems. The coatings exhibit unique, moisture tolerant characteristics, including products that can be applied underwater. The coatings set to a ceramic like finish that is impermeable to most bacterial and chemical attack.

At Odle, we have the technology and experience needed in the application of these unique products.

Odle provides exceptional products applied by trained professionals with the very best tools and equipment available.